Print Introduction

The Atlas heat transfer system gives manufacturers a cost effective means of producing high quality printed articles in their own factory without the need for a highly skilled workforce.

Printing Paper At Our Factory This allows our customers to keep control of their production from original specification to despatch. They can concentrate on the manufacture of a plain base fabric secure in the knowledge that all decoration can be added in a second, high speed process. This means greater efficiency of production and longer production runs all giving lower unit costs.

Our customers respond to market forces much quicker than their competitors with designs being changed in moments on the heat transfer machinery. This speed of change enables them to make further savings by avoiding the need to hold stocks of expensive printed products.

The Atlas system ensures high quality product decoration, the ability to change designs instantly and the subsequent reduced need to hold stocks of printed products.

Our system is also an environmentally friendly water-based printing system conforming to all the modern environmental legislation.

The processing machinery is compact and can be installed in an area of only 20 sq. mts of floor space.