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Ribbons ATLAS manufactures a "sublimation" transfer suitable for decorating and colouring synthetic fabrics (and synthetic mixture fabrics). We make a decorative transfer paper which can give highly intricate designs in rich colours onto most narrow fabrics. Among the more common products that we decorate are: ribbons, labels, elastics, trimmings, sports trimmings, all of which are manufactured in polyester.

The sublimation dyes which we use turn into a gas when exposed to heat. In this gaseous form they pass into the fabric and harden when they cool giving a totally permanent image which is part of the fabric. The image is printed INTO the fabric which ensures its permanence. Our sublimation transfer dyes are specifically designed for synthetic fabrics and DO NOT work on natural fabrics.

Printed Brief Elastic With the Atlas transfer papers, our customers are able to achieve a whole spectrum of colours which are generally PANTONE matched to the required shade by our qualified printers. Our lesser known product is our UNI-PAPER transfer which is a colouring system used by manufacturers as a replacement for a dyeing process. Many manufacturers, especially those making woven labels, use this system as a cost effective alternative to stocking coloured yarns, operating a dye house and controlling colour beams.

Many of the products which our transfers now print have traditionally been printed by either surface silk screen printing or by weaving a design into the fabric. Silk screen printing is normally carried out on a sub contract basis where the manufacturer can lose production control. Silk screen printing is also a surface print which will degrade with friction.


Printed Necktapes


Printed Watch Strap

Atlas Textile Products has all the facilities required to supply customers world-wide with the technology of 'in-house' fabric printing. We will advise on application machinery, and consistently supply a high quality heat transferable image suitable for a wide range of fabric types.

Printed Ribbon We will be pleased to submit quotations for any transfer production which a customer may be considering. We will also quote for any existing design work on which customers hold the original design rights. We are confident that we can offer a highly competitive pricing structure, both on origination and on printing.

Finally, to help customers evaluate the transfer quality, Atlas will supply samples upon request. The company believes that it can offer a highly competitive pricing structure, both on origination and on printing.