Product Uses


ATLAS works with many world class companies including Adidas, Umbro, Coq Sportif, Hummel and Speedo providing printed inserts for sports shirts, trims for tops and shorts and waistband printed cords.

Football Shorts


ATLAS prints are used to colour co-ordinate with garment fabrics to create a flow of colour and decoration from a body through to the trims. For Disney and Warner Bros, we have produced high volumes of licensed character prints for children's underwear on sale in the 'High Streets' around the world.

Printed Underwear Elastic


Our production most commonly comprises colour matching papers for the overprinting of garment labels. This production is carried out for many of the world's leading high volume manufacturers, mail order companies and the retail store groups. We also supply printing technology for the 'outerwear' labels for the ski industry.

Printed Labels

We produce decorative transfer prints for safety harnesses, pet leads and collars, climbing ropes, safety barriers and all aspects of industrial safety and military equipment.

Childrens' Safety Harness


From 'classic' High Street designs to designer children's braces, our production is used by many leading manufacturers as a cost effective method of achieving high quality images for either low or high volumes.

Printed Braces


We are honoured to work alongside some of the most creative designers producing gift ribbons, festive ribbons, and packaging ribbons for world markets.

Medal Ribbons


We work with several promotional and security companies creating printed lace which they subsequently finish into lanyards. These are used for corporate events, sporting events, pop concerts and events around the world.

Security Lanyards


Organisations have used queuing systems for many years. With the introduction of lightweight webbings these barriers can now provide a portable advertising medium for a captive audience. We work with several European manufacturers of printed barriers providing corporate images on flexible textile webs.

Security Barrier